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Welcome to my blog and information resource dedicated to real estate technology and innovation.  PropTech has already had a massive impact on the sector (think AirBNB and WeWork) but I believe we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg.  In the coming decade we are going to witness profound digital transformation impacting every aspect of the built environment.  If you're a real estate professional you should be asking "how will this affect me?" or "how can I future-proof my career?" because your investors/clients will soon be asking "how can I future-proof my assets?".

I aim to answer these and many more questions; generate some healthy debate; raise awareness around the incredible innovation coming our way and the paradigm shift in consumer behaviour that threatens to upend long established business models.  At the same time I am keen to highlight the tremendous opportunities these technologies present along with the disruption we face as an industry collectively.  For those of you potentially affected by changes in the property sector, now would be a time to sit up and pay attention.

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